If you can’t have it, build it.


Advertising agency: Y&R, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Jorge Carreno, Robin de Lestrade
Art director: Emmanuel Courteau
Copywriter: Pierre – Philippe Sardon
Account managers: Xavier Real Del Sarte, Clarisse Duchemin, Nicolas Favier, Delphine Cotellon
Planner: Céline Mazza
Photographer: Achim Lippoth / Bransch
Art Buyer: Claire Nicaise-Schindler
Model maker: Charlie Leborgne
3D Artist: Elizabeth Sillard / Lamanufacture Paris
Digital retoucher: MK Studios
Published: June 2012

marriage - as seen by kids.

marriage - as seen by kids.


"They’re the grossest guys that live in your garbage."

Do you miss the Garbage Pail Kids? Well, worry not. Children now have a suitably trashy alternative with the Trash Pack: little icky figurines packed in tiny, toxic-looking trash cans. With hundreds to collect, trade and play with, they’re the gross gang that lives in your garbage. Above is the spot for the whole Trash Pack, not the Garbage Truck specifically. Catchy jingle? Check. CGI? Check. Annoying rhyming V.O.? Double check.